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*當收貨人士收取已訂購之貨品的同時,有責任檢查該貨品是否有損毀情 況,包括所有玻璃物品及酒具。
顧客如需要退貨或退款,必須於送貨日起即日內致電 +852 60613287與 我們聯絡。


*When receiving the goods, the customer must check whether the ordered goods are damaged. If the goods are found to be damaged, please notify us immediately to arrange for the replacement of the goods. The company has the right to refuse to replace the goods that have confirmed the receive of goods

*When the recipient receives the ordered goods, please check clearly whether the goods are damaged, including all glass items and utensils

*Any glass items or utensils ordered will not be returned or exchanged if confirmed the receive of goods

*If customers need to return or refund the goods, they must call +852 60613287 to contact us within the same day of the delivery date

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