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【CA酒評】Archives Speyside (Glenfiddich) 21 YO 1997 Bottled for Whiskyfair Takao 2018


【Archives Ben Nevis 1996 Hogshead Bottled for Whiskyfair Takao 2018 】 類別 : Single Malt Scotch Whisky 酒精度 : 50.7% 香氣 : 蜜桃香,蜜糖,辛香,肉桂 口感 : 複雜口感,強烈果味爆發,不同果味甜味變化,當中還滲出薑汁辛辣感 尾韻 : 長,果香遍佈整個口腔,久久未散 Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky Alc: 50.7% Nose: Peach, Honey, Spicy, Cinnamon Palate: Complex, Strong fruity flavour, Ginger juice Finishing: Long, Fruity and peach flavour

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