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【活動回顧】Vérité & Cardinale 2016 Release

Jackson Family Wines第二代主理人Christopher Jackson, 親蒞香港並主持Vérité & Cardinale 品酒大班師,非常幸運能參與其中。

Jackson Family Wines 一直以擁有世界各地優質葡萄園及頂級酒莊而聞名。

旗下超過50個知名葡萄酒品牌,而當中的Vérité & Cardinale則可謂加州最享負盛名的葡萄酒莊。 Vérité 位於索諾瑪縣(Sonoma County), 釀酒師為法籍著名釀酒師Pierre Sellian。 在Pierre Sellian 帶領下,自 1998 年正式釀造第一個年份, Vérité 的三款葡萄酒 La Muse( Merlot 為主 )、La Joie( Cabernet Sauvignon 為主 )與 La Désir( Cabernet Franc 為主 )已經合共取得 15 次 Wine Advocate 100 分、7次 99 分。 Pierre Sellian用來自 Sonoma 不同地方的50個以上的微型葡萄園( Micro-Crus ),針對每個微型葡萄園的個性,憑他巧妙的釀酒技巧,混合成一個獨特的風格。 "My philosophy is centered on le droit du sol,or the right of the soil." "I have always believed that wines should express the unfettered voice of the terroir." Vérité 在法文指「 Truth 」,透過Vérité ,相信大家都能感受到來自Sonoma 風土的真像。


第一場先試Sonoma County的Vérité,除了公布的2016年份外, 還有08年整個系列與05年的Le Desire。

Vérité La Muse 2016 「Deep garnet-purple colored, the 2016 La Muse is composed of 93% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 2% Malbec. Wow—it comes strutting out of the glass with flamboyant crème de cassis, ripe plums and black cherries notes followed by nuances of aniseed, chocolate box, wild thyme, violets and chargrill plus a fragrant suggestion of potpourri. Full-bodied, rich and concentrated, the densely packed perfumed black fruit layers are beautifully framed by perfectly ripe, finely grained tannins and fantastically knit freshness. It finishes long with the most incredible display of mineral sparks.」 WA 100 - Lisa Perrotti Brown JS96 Vérité La Joie 2016 「 The 2016 growing season proved, once again, the importance of pruning. By adapting our pruning techniques to each micro-cru, after several years of drought, we worked in concert with Mother Nature to produce grapes that would result in elegant, age-worthy wines in the signature style of La Muse.

While we experienced some heat spikes in July, the temperatures during the summer growing season were moderate with some cooler days in late August. This provided the ideal conditions for slower ripening, resulting in less sugar accumulation and producing good acidity in the grapes. WA 98 - Lisa Perrotti Brown JS 97 Vérité L Joie 2016 「Aromas of crushed ripe blackcurrants, stewed sweet plums, and grenadine harmonize with dried thyme, fresh spearmint, and rose petals. On the palate, complex and vibrant layers of black fruit are accompanied by warm toast, vanilla bean, star anise, and fresh clove. A pronounced iron minerality adds to the chorus of electric flavors and textures, which linger for some time after the last sip. Fine-grained tannins complemented by a backbone of acidity offer both an intensity and a freshness, providing a finish that is unique among New World wines. 」

WA 99 - Lisa Perrotti Brown JS 96 小弟個人偏愛Le Desir,整個系列都是香氣複雜多變,深遂,餘韻悠長。 天鵝絨般幼滑口感,正正是那輕柔得過份的觸感,配上花香較多的Le Desir, 整個感覺更為一致,盡是香甜夢幻,如墮幻景不願醒來。


稍休15分鐘後就輪到Cardinale 分別試了05、06、07、14、16。 酒莊誕生於1982年,其使命是從納帕谷葡萄園生產出最高品質的單一Cabernet Sauvignon葡萄酒。釀酒師為Christopher Carpenter, 於1998年在UC Davis的葡萄栽培和釀酒學專業畢業後加入Cardinale,並於2001年成為釀酒師。酒莊嚴格控制產量,所採用的釀酒葡萄來自Mt. Veeder、Spring Mountain、Howell Mountain和Diamond Mountain等山上的葡萄園。每個葡萄園賜給Cardinale不同的特性,至使Cardinale成為風味濃郁複雜、單寧良好,陳年潛力佳的葡萄酒。 除了反映風土,Christopher Carpenter郤更在乎反映出「年份」特質。 "Cadinale expresses the character of a vintage rather than the character of a single vineyard or sub-appellation.Nap Valley is one of those geographies,in which consistent, high-quality vintages can move you emotionally,just like music"

「The deep garnet-purple colored 2016 Proprietary Red Wine is blended of 89% Cabernet Sauvignon and 11% Merlot. It opens with compelling chocolate box and licorice scents over a core of black and red currants, warm plums and baking spices with hints of cedar chest and pencil lead. The palate is full bodied with layers of cassis and kirsch flavors framed by firm, grainy tannins and fabulous freshness, finishing long and spicy。」 WA 97 - Lisa Perrotti Brown 在五個年份當中,小弟最喜愛還是07年,well balanced,黑莓、黑加倫子、甘草、煙燻等愉快地融合在一起,酒體厚但又不會太霸道,層次分明。



Vérité 、Cardinale, 讓人一試難忘的「藝術品」, Cheers~

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